Like plants seek light.
Humans have one foot secured at home
And the other foot planted elsewhere.
That is why it is said we have two feet.
Those places are your roots
And connect us to something larger.


Children who experience safety, learn how to trust.
Those who experience the warm embrace of a hug,
Learn how to love.
For our benefit we need a place to feel
Kindness, freshness and beauty
We yearn for place with a beautiful sunrise.


The echo that is here now
Wherever you are in the world,
Connects to another place.
That is why everything you see with your eyes
Is reverberating throughout the world.


Oriental music is like grass.
Changing colors while whispering in the wind.
The wind and colors of Niseko
Are like the eternal symphony of the stars
Delicately woven in one place.
Set your favorite tent here.


Why do our hearts stir during the time of dusk?
[Who are you?] Between day and night
there is a time where the face is just a haze.


The nomads in Arabia say, the scorching desert sun,
Is like a cruel jealous old woman,
But the moon is like the beauty of youth.
It guides the wandering traveler and the morning dew
Rejuvenates and protects us when we sleep.
The sun leaves the world it protects
Silently and delicately.