These rules are for safety and well-being of your family and fellow campers,please abide by them.

Please be sure to check the rules.


You need to buy the set of town designed 3 bags at the reception.
(Burnable, Non-burnable and Recyclable bag: 300 JPY/per set)

  1. Burnable (Red bag): paper,woodenchopstics,tissue paper
  2. Recyclable (clear bag): cans, bottles and pet bottles
  3. Non-burnable (yellow bag): except burnable,recycle garbage
    Please put the waste in the appropriate bags and bring to the reception desk at
    the check-out.

   You can leave the kitchen waste in plastic buckets at the collection site.  

Make sure to separate the kitchen waste into 2types.   

1.  Beef bone, Shells and Corn core   

2.  General food waste


  ・Bonfires are only permitted with bonfire stand in winter. Rental service avairable.   

・Fires are only permitted in the stone circle in summer.      

・Firewood: 1,200JPY/ 1 wheelbarrow.  

・A onfire is prohibited when the wind blows strongy.

  ・The handheld fireworks are allowed only in front of the reception until 8pm.      

・Use of skyrockets, firecrackers are prohibited.


・Pets should be walked on a leash at all times.

・Pets should never be left unattended.

・Pets are not allowed in the reception and the centre house.

・Please use a pet sheet in a bungalow.

The Center House

  ・Use of charcoal fire or/

and having a barbeque are prohibited at the centre house.  

・Do not leave private property at the centre house.

・Do not dry towels or clothes around the stove.

・Pets are not allowed in the Center House.

・Smoking is not permitted in the Center House.

・The center house 6:30a.m.-10:00p.m.

・Sink for Face-Washing,Flush Toilet Open 24hrs

・ Water supply is not available due to freeze prevention from 10pm to 6 am.

(The temprerature is below zero outside)



・The car speed limit is 7 km/h.

・Please don’t pick or break off parts of trees .

・It is dangerous for children to run around the premises.

・Please stay with your children.

・Use of power generator and music are prohibited.

・Playing ball, Frisbee and Drone are prohibited.

・Quiet time is from 10pm until 7am.

・ Please don’t leave your food and gabage out to avoid crows and foxes.

〈Winter Period〉

・ Please park your car in the designated area due to snow removal work from 5am.

・Please park your cars in the designated area due to snow removal work.

・Be sure to ventilate the tent when using stoves or gas cassettes.

・Please handle them with care.

・Do not use the toilet on the snow.
・Do not bury charcoal in the snow.

・Thank you for taking the time to read this page to the end.

・If you have any questions, please contact our staff.